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Lacomar-Pisani (Hellas) SA, is a Company that was established in 2002 and has already demonstrated in the Stone Market very substantial and successful work. It is a fusion between 2 very well known companies, with long track records in the stone industry worldwide. Lacomar SA (based in Athens) and Pisani PLC, based in the UK.



Yakinthon 1 str., Thessi Agioi Asomati Koropi 19400 Athens - Greece

Phone: (+30) 210 6622830

Fax: (+30) 210 6627827

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Our Collections

s civil 200x2004 200x200

The life in the city center with the continuous motion and the passion for development brings the need of...

s forest 200x2002 200x200

Outside the boundaries of the city you meet the forest. Feast of colors and a splendid breeze ready to give you...

s harmony 200x200 200x200

To live a life far from the usual is not a seosonal tendency, it is a way of life. Rare colors, forms, harmony,...

s hotels 200x200 200x200

Futuristic design, demonstration of force, sense of luxury, place of meetings. No matter how you see this area...

s islands 200x200 200x200

Color deep light blue, as special as the wish to live in this. This is the need to recreate this environment in...

s premium5 200x200

You expect nothing less than exceptional. No compromise for the expected result. The need is explicit. To be...